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【Magic World - World View Setting】

Elements involved: magic, alchemy, special technology, fantasy land, war and peace, wasteland.

【Core World: Augustine/Augustine Planet】

In a world that is inclusive, open, and carries all living beings, the continent and the ocean are shattered and connected. It breeds poverty and abundance, and contains the soil of bliss and pain, where humans, monsters and machines with self-awareness coexist.

It used to be a planet floating alone in the universe and not connected with the outside world. The original race was a fantasy creature that could manipulate simple magic. A human traveler accidentally visited this place due to a malfunction of the instrument during time travel. After a long historical evolution, human beings and the monsters derived later officially coexisted on the land of Augustine.

【About Magic】

Magic exists in ore in a special form that is extremely rare and difficult to mine, extract and utilize.

·Able to use magic method:

1. Fantasy creatures/fantasy species.

As a creature that existed from the beginning of the formation of the Augustine planet, the Phantasma can sense the magic between the ore, but in the early days, it could only be used on simple and low-level things, such as roasting cooked food and attacking the enemy.

2. Mining ores.

Taking a large amount of ore for fine processing and refining, and condensing it into the stone of Augustine, it costs a lot and is accompanied by the risk of being attacked by magic.

3. Refinement from fantasy creatures.

The same as ore mining, but the magic content of the Phantasm is higher. Low cost and high risk.

4. Alchemy. The way humans use to create spiritual magic.

· Stone of Augustine:

Ability to store magic in the form of matter in gems. Make the wearer have a magic corresponding to the gem; or insert it into the groove of the machine, so that the machine can operate with higher efficiency (such as water conservancy engineering, thermal nuclear power plant).

・Types of magic:

1. The natural magic that exists in the form of the seven elements of "wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and metal" can be applied to the industrial and combat fields, and requires the Augustine Stone as a medium.

2. The spiritual magic derived from human beings through alchemy can be applied to the field of manipulating thinking and changing psychology, which requires the Augustine Stone as a medium.

【About Fantasy Creatures】

Fantasy creatures based on animals, such as fish, insects, birds, mammals, etc. Possessing racial consciousness, but not fully evolved intelligence, does not make good use of the rich natural resources of the land.

【About Human Traveler】

The first human who arrived on the planet of Augustine, after repairing the malfunctioning instrument, he brought more interested travelers to the planet. Most of them came from a certain planet whose resources were about to be exhausted. They possessed advanced technology and cultural knowledge. They realized that "it would be futile to bring Augustine's resources back to their soon-to-be-shattered country", so they simply established a new regime here.

The vast realm has become an experimental area for human beings, and experiments that are not legally permitted on the original planet can be carried out here. Humans discovered fantasy creatures and magic in ores, and carried out crazy scientific experiments. They dumped waste materials in deserts, oceans, and many other places, which nurtured a large number of fantasy creatures.

【About Monster】

Due to various factors in history and reality, it has become a hostile force with tense relations. Able to use natural magic like fantasy creatures.

1. Evolved from fantasy creatures:

When human beings overcame the difficulties of alchemy and spiritual magic, they once produced a large amount of waste. These wastes with special abilities were abandoned into the territory of fantasy creatures, which enabled them to acquire human wisdom and gradually evolved into a human-like creature. Approaching shape.

The whole is closer to fantasy creatures, retaining more animal characteristics, such as: the whole body is covered with hair or fish scales. own the language of their own race. Ability to use magic without the Augustine Stone.

2. Evolved from humans:

The risk that humans need to take when using method three (extracting magic from fantasy creatures), some people who do not operate properly will die on the spot, or be merged into monsters. Ability to use magic without the Augustine Stone.

It is more human-like in general, but has certain features of fantasy creatures, such as animal ears and horns. Can communicate with humans, have a certificate to prove their identity, and still live with humans. Ability to use magic without the Augustine Stone.

3. Manufactured by Science Fusion Test:

Known as a "research-type monster", even though it possesses intelligence and language functions, it only exists as a source of human extraction of magic, and no longer has a social identity. Appears randomly close to fantasy creatures or humans, and can speak the languages ​​of both races. Ability to use magic without the Augustine Stone.

4. Fantasy creatures or monsters multiply with humans:

It is not regarded by any society and may be captured as a "research monster". Appears randomly close to fantasy creatures or humans, and can speak the languages ​​of both races. Ability to use magic without the Augustine Stone.

【Pure Land of Humanity: Valeria/Valeria Federation Kingdom】

Humans drove fantasy creatures from their original homes and established regimes on the most fertile soil of Augustine. They come from different planets and have differences due to their governing philosophy and inherent culture. After a war within human beings, the originally coordinated regime was divided into many different regions, which were eventually called the Commonwealth of Valeria. .

【Kingdom Overview】

Bright, rich, prosperous, diverse and open pure land, its sky is blue and vast. The Valeria Federation Kingdom occupies the most important position on the planet, with a vast territory, abundant supplies and fewer natural meteorological disasters. Its traffic lines are dense, connecting all regions in an intertwined transportation network internally, and can sail to other planets externally.

【Technology and Magic】

Everything in the Commonwealth of Valeria is built on advanced technology. Humans brought science and technology from the original planet, and derived numerous powerful branches from it, and built intelligent cities and projects through machinery.

After humans discovered and learned to refine and use magic, they combined magic with technology. Natural magic can provide cities with better protection barriers, more complete security measures, and higher utility and conversion rates for projects. Due to the high cost of making an Augustine stone that accommodates natural magic, human beings have developed "alchemy" in their exploration, and extracted spiritual magic that can affect the thinking of the same kind and monsters. Although it cannot be directly used in industry and war, but The uses are still quite extensive.

【Culture, Economy and Politics】


In the kingdom of civilization, human beings are avant-garde and enlightened, can read a large number of books freely, and have a good and perfect education system. Most citizens maintain the rule of the ruler of the kingdom, but they are more likely to betray their faction than monsters.


Trade is mainly carried out between three channels: "different regions within the kingdom, Augustine and other planets, humans and demons". The economy of the Commonwealth Kingdom of Valeria is developed, a complete industrial chain and processing network have been formed between various regions, and light and heavy industries are quite prosperous.


An official government was set up in the most prosperous capital region of the kingdom, and the top political control consisted of a representative selected from each region. Even though there will be conflicts of interest, the destinies of mankind are always closely linked when faced with the threat posed by a common enemy.

The law clearly stipulates that monsters (except for special accidents that lead to the evolution of humans) are not allowed to live, operate, and survive on the land of Valeria, not only because of the long-standing contradictions between the two races, but also because most monsters and humans. There are too many differences in communication, culture and perception. Monsters can apply for temporary passes, residence permits, and business licenses in the Kingdom of Valeria through official channels.


Commerce, light industry, heavy industry, technology industry, cultural industry, emerging agriculture and other industries with formal licenses, the core is advanced technology, more or less assisted by the magic in the Augustine stone. All need to be carried out under the jurisdiction of the government.

Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, etc. require very strict manufacturing licenses, and the private sector must not operate, trade or smuggle without authorization, otherwise it will violate the law. There are few grey, black industrial lots that can survive for a long time.

【The Paradise of Monsters: Uolande/Uolande's Realm】

The living space of fantasy creatures was run on, and the area where monsters could breathe was also divided by humans into deserts, wastelands and a series of polluted barren areas. The monsters survived in Yolande, and did not establish a complete political system. Some primitive animal desires in their blood have not completely dissipated, and the dark and damp abandoned place can inspire more power.

【Overview of Yolande】

Misery, gloomy, barren, and filthy broken city, where the color of the sky cannot be seen, only the billowing smoke and haze can be seen. Yudran is an autonomous region of monsters. Its main city is adjacent to the human Valeria Federation Kingdom, while other city areas are scattered and scattered. The development status of urban areas is not very different, and they are all equally fragmented and poor.

【Technology and Magic】

The inhabitants of Yoland are mostly monsters, and they and their descendants can freely manipulate natural magic. However, lacking the support of technology, monsters do not know how to properly use this power in industry. They still cling to relatively primitive and backward production methods, unable to build larger factories, but they can finely manipulate magic and apply them to some handicrafts and agriculture.


Most of Yoland's industries are underdeveloped, but they will sell "Yoland crystals" and other magical items to humans through special channels, allowing humans without the Augustine Stone to briefly experience the effects of magic. Almost all products made by monsters have magic, so they are all planned to be banned in the human kingdom.

Like the black market of invisible light, Yoland's market is almost filled with gray and black industries. There is no law to regulate and restrict the trade of monsters. They manufacture drugs without jurisdiction, traffic in human beings, have a developed erotic industry, and undertake some commissions that are prohibited in the Kingdom of Valeria, such as smuggling materials and goods between regions. Smuggling firearms.

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