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Chapter One

She walked through the crowded streets again, leaving the chasing footsteps and scolding behind her, and nimbly burrowed into the back of the stack of express cardboard boxes, waiting for the person who wanted to drive her out of this pure land to stay away. . She is like an irrelevant rain falling in this world, floating in the vast sky with dark clouds, soaking her soft tail and ears, falling into wet loneliness and silence, but there has never been a place where she can truly perch and feel at ease. .

Miss CAT is a traveler navigating the multiverse, her claws tearing the gap in time and space from the hang, aimlessly walking towards the tunnel leading to the unknown world. She will see different scenes in the various universes with colorful lights and shadows. She will see wild cherry blossoms swaying brilliantly on the branches in spring. She will see the soft texture of jelly floating in the ocean in midsummer. She took the heavy snowflakes down into her mouth and tasted the taste of white sugar and honey. But no matter which space Miss CAT travels to, she carries a profound loneliness and wandering, which seems to be a curse derived from magic. The special substance melted into her bloodline gives her the ability to change shape and travel through time and space, and it also makes her in Pain and despair in countless indifferent worlds.

Miss CAT has suffered too much abuse, oppression and eviction. She still remembers the scars on her left shoulder when she hid in the city as a cat. Although the scars have been healed by time and resilience, the fresh pain still swayed in her heart. Miss CAT twitched her soft snow-white cat ears, and her pads silently climbed over the fence of the high platform. She took advantage of the drowsy night to get into the building standing in the center of the city, and curled up in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows to observe the city. fading light. Signboards are decorated with neon lights of different colors, and even the cold office buildings reflect brilliant brilliance. The days and nights of this planet are intertwined. Human beings spend the time from night to day in the joy of indulgence. Suffering and darkness are hidden under countless shining lights, like complaints being crushed and rushed into the city's sewers.

She didn't want to look anymore, she simply turned around and walked towards the corridor deep in the building. Miss CAT knew that the top floor of the building was where the planets met, but whichever orbit she took to a different galaxy would be seen as a symbol of bad luck, repeating her banishment.

At this moment, the critical point of time and space overlap suddenly appeared in front of Miss CAT, like the dim fireflies in the darkness converged into a narrow door, with countless novel secrets hidden behind the gap. Miss CAT stretched out her claws and swept the gap to a width that allowed her body to pass through. Just as she had been disappointed with the indifference of humans in the current world countless times in the past, she wanted to shuttle to the next new universe. With fading hope, he drilled his body into the mysterious tunnel that gave off brilliance. Miss CAT uses the cat's four claws to run in the tunnel of light and shadow. During this long process, the energy caused by crossing into other spaces is too strong, causing her to change her form uncontrollably - Miss CAT Feeling that his body is getting bigger, his limbs are closer to slender arms and legs, and the round apricot-like cat pupils are replaced by human slender eyes, finally showing a human-like posture. A strong beam of light shone on her face as she approached the entrance, making Miss CAT's mind filled with excessive and complicated trance. She fell to the ground in a dizziness, and when she woke up again, she found that she had entered a new world.

"...Is this, some universe I've never been to?"

Miss CAT looked at the surrounding environment with her still dizzy eyes. She landed on a sunny day when she successfully passed through, and the shadow of the sun made her eyes almost unable to open. She supported her body against the wall to stand up from the ground, and realized that she was forced to transform into a humanoid form. The kitten who is unwilling to accommodate her living in the city. Miss CAT reluctantly realized that she seemed to be at the seaside port at the moment, she saw tall buildings in the distance, a bright flag embroidered with the kingdom's coat of arms stood at the center, and the chatter of customs officers was not around her. In addition, there was a shrill and noisy machine prompt.

Apparently the city has merged intelligent machinery with everyday life, and there are tiny robots surrounding Miss CAT, noisily speaking a language she doesn't understand. Miss CAT looked around and found that the surrounding people seemed to be significantly different from themselves in appearance. They did not have soft animal ears growing on the top of their hair, and there was only smooth skin behind their wrists and ankles. Those people seemed to be receiving small robots. The communication signals sent out, after briefly handing over the work in hand, walked towards the Miss CAT location from all directions.

She was acutely aware that it was the curse that she had received that had no effect for the first time, and she had to flee in the new world inevitably. But she clearly just wanted to feel even the slightest bit of tolerance and love, and she could feel extremely satisfied as long as this magnificent country set aside a fairly small area for her to rest. Miss CAT ran away from the crowd like a feline when the customs agent was about to reach her, leaving the little robot with a shrill siren behind her. She couldn't escape by swimming in the deep sea, so she had to choose the only path leading to the middle city of the kingdom. When she entered the city gate, Miss CAT heard a voice with human emotions mechanically repeating the welcome, and the eyes caught her eye. There are countless giant instruments that she has never seen in other universes. The production style is too special, as if icy technology and flowing magic are intertwined in one - but Miss CAT does not have much time to be surprised and Admiring, she hurriedly turned her head and glanced at the people who followed closely behind her. She chose a narrower street in the dense building complex and ran in.

Along the way, she didn't see any inhabitants with the same animal features as her, which made Miss CAT's heart beat faster, and she wondered if this group of people harbored too much hostility to other races. The customs officers behind her were getting closer and closer to her, and the number of people chasing was larger than before, and her physical strength was about to wear off during the long running process. Miss CAT was breathing heavily, and almost felt her eyes sink into the darkness. From her scattered vision, she saw that the doors of two shops were open in front of this narrow street. If she could successfully hide in the shops , you can take advantage of the previous advantage of throwing a corner of the pursuer, so as to get out of the predicament completely.

But there was still a risk, she couldn't predict what was behind the door.

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